ZGA iPhone 15 Pro Max Plus 系列晶透磁吸保護殼:超薄超透,強力磁吸,纖薄貼合手掌 crystal clear magnetic protective case: ultra-thin and ultra-transparent, strong magnetic attraction, slim fit in the palm of your hand For iPhone 15 Pro Max / 15 Pro / 15 / 15 Plus



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🧲 一貼即合:輕鬆吸附,無線充電不掉落,完美契合。 🧲 N52 強磁37顆:內嵌鑼槽填磁,點膠工藝封印,不漏磁、不跳磁、不傷手機,拆卸依舊如新。 ⛑️ 全面防護:矩陣氣囊防摔,採用航空鋁材高彈性鋼,能抵擋時間侵蝕,質感恆久保持,久用依舊如新。 🛡️ 強化PC背板:不易刮花,耐磨損,抵抗磕碰刮蹭,輕鬆應對生活中的剮蹭現象。 📷 加高鏡頭保護:按鍵回彈有力,有效防止鏡頭磨損刮花,有效延長按鍵壽命。 📏 超薄黃金比例:更真實的裸機感,滿足手感黨的裸機享受。 📦 軟邊設計:裝卸不傷機,高柔性防摔軟邊,柔軟TPU邊框,緊密貼合包裹愛機。 商品描述 讓你的 iPhone 15 擁有更強大的防護力,同時享受到裸機的視覺與手感。ZGA 的晶透磁吸保護殼,以其超薄、超透、強力磁吸的特性,為你的手機提供卓越的保護。 產品特色 一貼即合,輕鬆吸附 進化的磁吸設計讓保護殼能夠與你的 iPhone 15 完美契合,無線充電時也不會掉落。 N52 強磁37顆,內嵌鑼槽填磁 採用點膠工藝封印,不漏磁,不跳磁,不傷手機,拆卸依舊如新。 全面防護,矩陣氣囊防摔 採用航空鋁材高彈性鋼,能抵擋時間侵蝕,質感恆久保持,久用依舊如新。 強化PC背板,不易刮花 耐磨損,抵抗磕碰刮蹭,輕鬆應對生活中的剮蹭現象。 加高鏡頭保護,按鍵回彈有力 有效防止鏡頭磨損刮花,按鍵不費勁,有效延長按鍵壽命。 超薄黃金比例,更真實的裸機感 滿足手感黨的裸機享受,維持原有的 iPhone 15 設計感。 軟邊設計,裝卸不傷機 高柔性防摔軟邊,柔軟TPU邊框,緊密貼合包裹愛機,提供全面的保護。 不論你的 iPhone 15 是什麼顏色,ZGA 的晶透磁吸保護殼都能完美搭配。擁有更真實的裸機感,同時享受到全方位的保護。 One-touch fit: Easily adsorbed, wireless charging will not fall off, perfect fit. N52 37 strong magnets: built-in gong grooves filled with magnets, sealed with glue dispensing process, no magnetic leakage, no magnetic jump, no damage to the phone, and it will still look like new after disassembly. ⛑️Comprehensive protection: The matrix airbag is anti-fall and uses aviation aluminum high-elastic steel, which can withstand the erosion of time, maintain the texture for a long time, and still look like new after long-term use. 🛡️ Reinforced PC backplane: not easy to scratch, resistant to wear and tear, resistant to bumps and scratches, easily coping with scratches in life. 📷 Enhanced lens protection: The buttons have strong rebound, effectively preventing lens wear and scratches, and effectively extending the life of the buttons. 📏 Ultra-thin golden ratio: a more realistic bare metal feel, satisfying the bare metal enjoyment of those who feel the best. 📦 Soft edge design: No damage to the phone during loading and unloading, highly flexible and anti-fall soft edge, soft TPU frame, tightly fits and wraps your phone. product description Let your iPhone 15 have stronger protection while enjoying the look and feel of a bare phone. ZGA’s crystal clear magnetic protective case provides excellent protection for your mobile phone with its ultra-thin, ultra-transparent and strong magnetic properties. feature of product Fits as soon as it is applied, easily adsorbed The evolved magnetic design allows the case to fit perfectly with your iPhone 15 and won’t fall off while charging wirelessly. N52 37 strong magnets, built-in gong groove filled with magnets It is sealed using glue dispensing technology, which prevents magnetic flux leakage, magnetic jump, and does not damage the mobile phone. It will still look like new after disassembly. Comprehensive protection, matrix airbag anti-fall Made of aviation aluminum and highly elastic steel, it can withstand the erosion of time and maintain its texture for a long time, making it look like new after a long time of use. Reinforced PC back panel, not easy to scratch Resistant to wear and tear, resists bumps and scratches, and can easily cope with scratches in life. Enhanced lens protection and strong button rebound It effectively prevents lens wear and scratches, makes pressing buttons effortless, and effectively extends button life. Ultra-thin golden ratio, more realistic bare metal feel Satisfy the bare-metal enjoyment for those who feel the best, while maintaining the original iPhone 15 design. Soft edge design, no damage to the machine when loading and unloading Highly flexible anti-fall soft edges and soft TPU frame closely fit and wrap your phone, providing comprehensive protection. No matter what color your iPhone 15 is, ZGA’s crystal clear magnetic protective case will match it perfectly. It has a more realistic bare metal feel while enjoying all-round protection.

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