Type C 數碼式耳機 高低音強化優質音效高傳真通話首選 HI-FI Bass Stereo High Quality Sound Digital Type C Earphone Headphones EarPod Hand-free with Mic Call Voice For Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Plus Samsung Galaxy Huawei Sony Any Type C Connector Output Phone ZGA XK-03


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🔹 數位解碼晶片:我們的耳機不受干擾,確保音樂播放純淨而不失真。

🔹 真銅環喇叭:無損音質,配合高靈敏度矽咪,讓音質保持真實。

🔹 高傳真通話:內建清晰的麥克風,提供輕鬆愉快的通話體驗。

ZGA Type C 耳機 XK-03 採用主流的Type C接口,確保晶片與介面連接更加牢固。不銹電鍍鋼網使耐腐蝕性更強,而高彈性的TPE材質確保耳機久用不發黃。

👆 精準控制:單鍵線控設計,盲操辨識度高,讓您一鍵傾聽。

兼容性極高,適合99%以上的手機和平板等數位產品。支持DAC數模轉換 當您在尋找一款能提供卓越音質與舒適配戴體驗的耳機時,ZGA Type C 耳機 XK-03無疑是您的首選。這款耳機配備了先進的Type-C接口以及數位解碼晶片,為您提供高標準的音訊效果,讓您可以隨時隨地享受到不被干擾且音樂不失真的聆聽體驗。 數位解碼晶片 ZGA Type C 耳機 XK-03使用的數位解碼晶片能有效地防止任何形式的干擾,保證您在聆聽音樂時能得到最純淨的音質。這種技術將帶給您獨一無二的音樂享受。 真銅環喇叭 這款耳機的真銅環喇叭設計確保了音質的無損傳輸,再配上高靈敏度的矽麥克風,無論是音樂還是通話,都能讓您享受到最真實的聲音。 高傳真通話 ZGA Type C 耳機 XK-03內建的清晰麥克風讓您能夠輕鬆進行高傳真通話。無論您在何處,都能保證通話的清晰與順暢。 主流 Type C 接口 這款耳機採用主流的Type C接口,這意味著您可以將它與大多數現代的數位設備連接。而且,這個接口與晶片的連接非常牢固,確保了音質的穩定輸出。 如果您正在尋找一款高性能,高兼容性,並且具有優質音效的耳機,ZGA Type C 耳機 XK-03絕對是您的首選。它不僅能提供卓越的音效,還具有優異的耐用性和舒適度,無論您是在家中、辦公室還是在路上,都能讓您享受到最佳的聆聽體驗。 The advanced Type-C interface, digital decoding chip, and real copper ring speakers bring high-standard audio effects, allowing you to listen to extraordinary things. 🔹 Digital decoding chip: Our headphones are interference-free, ensuring that music playback is pure and without distortion. 🔹 Real copper ring speaker: Lossless sound quality, combined with high-sensitivity silicon microphone, keeps the sound quality realistic. 🔹 High-fidelity calling: Built-in clear microphone provides a relaxing and pleasant calling experience. ZGA Type C earphones XK-03 adopt the mainstream Type C interface to ensure a stronger connection between the chip and the interface. The stainless electroplated steel mesh makes it more corrosion-resistant, while the highly elastic TPE material ensures that the headphones will not turn yellow after long-term use. 👆 Precise control: Single-button wire control design, high recognition for blind operation, allowing you to listen with one click. It has extremely high compatibility and is suitable for more than 99% of mobile phones, tablets and other digital products. Support DAC digital-to-analog conversion When you are looking for a headset that provides excellent sound quality and comfortable wearing experience, ZGA Type C Headphones XK-03 is undoubtedly your first choice. This headset is equipped with an advanced Type-C interface and a digital decoding chip to provide you with high-standard audio effects, allowing you to enjoy a listening experience without interference and without distortion of music anytime, anywhere. Digital decoding chip The digital decoding chip used in ZGA Type C headphones XK-03 can effectively prevent any form of interference, ensuring that you get the purest sound quality when listening to music. This technology will bring you a unique musical enjoyment. Real copper ring speaker The real copper ring speaker design of this headset ensures lossless transmission of sound quality, and coupled with a highly sensitive silicon microphone, you can enjoy the most realistic sound whether it is music or calls. High fidelity calls The built-in clear microphone of the ZGA Type C headset XK-03 allows you to easily make high-fax calls. No matter where you are, your calls are guaranteed to be clear and smooth. Mainstream Type C interface This headset uses the mainstream Type C interface, which means you can connect it to most modern digital devices. Moreover, the connection between this interface and the chip is very strong, ensuring stable output of sound quality. If you are looking for a headset with high performance, high compatibility, and high-quality sound, ZGA Type C Headphones XK-03 is definitely your first choice. It not only delivers great sound, but also offers exceptional durability and comfort, allowing you to enjoy the best listening experience whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the road.

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