For S21 Ultra / S21+ / S21 Battery Case Mobile Phone External Backup Charging Case For Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G With 7000mAh 2 in 1 背夾行動電源 + 充電寳功能(USB Output) New Ultra-Thin

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Product Details: Full New Ultra-Thin Support Phone Battery Case for Galaxy S21 / S21 Plus /S21 Ultra /5G Phones Battery type: polymer lithium ion mobile battery phones For Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G: Input current: 5V 2.0A Output current: 5V 1.0A Batterycapacity:7000mAh Cycle life: >500 times Product net weight: 140g ◆ Built-in original polymer lithium battery for Galaxy S21 5G / S21 Plus 5G / S21 Ultra 5G, providing extended standby time for mobile phones; ◆ Ingenious shape design, you can enjoy all the functions of the mobile phone without removing the outer casing; ◆ Battery capacity LED light is displayed in four gears, flashing indication when charging work; ◆ Intelligent push button switch to extend the life of the built-in battery for higher safety; ◆ Using rugged engineering materials to fully protect the mobile phone, charging + protection in one; ◆ Integrated circuit design, can avoid short circuit or overtime charging or even operating errors under extreme conditions; ◆ Multiple protection circuit design, safe and reliable;. Product Model:Charging for Samsung galaxy S21 Ultra Product Material:Environmental protection ABS Product Weight:140g



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