100W 快充線-1.2M純色液態矽膠 Type-C to Type-C Liquid Silicone USB Type C - USB Type C charging / data cable PD 100W 1.2m JOYROOM S-1250N18-10

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◎ 100W 大功率 快充 5A大電流 | 線芯加粗 充電更穩定 ◎ 加固SR設計 階梯插頭設計 | 防爆裂設計 深得用戶喜愛 ◎ 液態矽膠傳輸線 加固護網 | 搭配快充充電頭 比普通3A線快40% 本商品規格 材質:鋁合金+液態矽膠 型號:S-1250N18-10 長度:1.2M 電流:5A 功能:充電+傳輸 Cable, Joyroom Liquid Silicone Data Cable with USB Type C - USB Type C connectors up to 100 W, 1.2 m long - green (S-1250N18-10) Soft and easy-to-clean cable that ensures long-term use without fading . Meet Joyroom Liquid Silicone made of the highest quality silicone . It is flexible in all conditions, has a high resistance to bending . It guarantees fast and stable data transfer and effective charging with power up to 100 W. The cable has USB Type C connectors, so it is compatible with laptops, phones, tablets and power banks . Specification: * Brand: Joyroom * Model: S-1250N18-10 * Connectors: USB Type C - USB Type C * Power: up to 100 W * Current: 5 A. * Length: 1.2 m * Green color Joyroom Liquid Silicone Data Cable Key Benefits: * You can charge it with many devices with a USB Type C connector . Power up to 100 W will power laptops, smartphones, tablets, book readers, powerbanks and TWS headphones * It ensures fast and stable data transfer * It intelligently controls the temperature . The cable will not overheat, and the gold-plated wire provides better conductivity * It remains flexible even at high and low temperatures . Forget about a broken plug or the tedious unplugging of a cable * Extremely easy to clean . Resistant to dirt and dust * It is soft and skin-friendly . It was made of smooth silicone

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